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The PROXEL™ range of biocides offers a complete, cost effective preservation package for industrial water-based products.  They are available as dispersions, solutions and pastes in a wide range of strengths and can be formulated in many different ways to meet customer needs.

PROXEL biocides are based on the well-established active agent 1, 2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one (BIT) and are available as BIT only and BIT blend formulations.

PROXEL formulations are designed to be effective against bacteria, fungi and yeasts in a wide range of industrial aqueous-based products including:

•  Adhesives & sealants•  Leather
•  Agrochemical flowables•  Metalworking fluids
•  Household products•  Paint & coatings
•  Hygienic coatings•  Polymer emulsions
•  Inks•  Slurries

PROXEL preservatives offer the following benefits to formulators:

•  broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, fungi and yeasts
•  non-specific mode of action so that bacterial resistance is unlikely
•  non-volatile, stable at elevated temperatures, have low mammalian toxicity and biodegrade in
   effluent systems
•  liquid formulations allow for easy addition and dosing
•  does not release formaldehyde

Selected PROXEL preservatives have world-wide regulatory approvals and are included in the BgVV recommendations and FDA clearances.

When you make the decision to use PROXEL preservatives, you know that you will also receive superior technical support on a global basis from a dedicated team of experts.  Contact us to speak with a technical support expert who will help you determine if PROXEL is the right product for your needs.