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All TRIADINE™ biocides contain an effective bactericide. Two of the TRIADINE products also contain a fungicide for more broad spectrum activity.

The TRIADINE range of biocides is based on a number of different antimicrobials tailored to meet the demands of a variety of applications including:

•  Disinfectants •  Leather processing
•  Antifouling paints •  Metal\working fluids
•  Household products •  Textiles

TRIADINE antimicrobials offer the following benefits to formulators:

•  inhibits the growth of bacteria in aqueous-based paint, coating, and latex emulsion products
•  provides pronounced growth-inhibiting activity against a broad spectrum of Gram positive and Gram
   negative bacteria and against both forms of fungi (yeasts and molds)
•  is water-soluble and can be added directly to metalworking fluid concentrates or used tankside

Contact us to speak with a technical support expert who will help you determine if TRIADINE is the right product for your needs.