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Using Company Resources

Personal Use of Resources
Effective use of Company resources is critical to our profitability. Company resources include such things as Company time, materials, supplies, telephones, equipment, information, electronic mail and computer systems. We provide these resources to fulfill Company goals and purposes. Your manager or supervisor must approve any personal, community, charitable or other non-business use of these or other company resources.

You may use Company resources, such as a copy machine, telephone, Internet access or e-mail, for personal reasons as long as your use is limited, authorized at your work location and does not result in measurable increased costs. Your usage must be lawful and consistent with our Code of Conduct and must not interfere with the performance of your job responsibilities or distract other employees.

Personal use that is excessive or that violates Company policy is prohibited unless approved in advance by your supervisor or manager. Some examples of excessive use of company resources or use that violates Company policy include:

  • Excessive calling or faxing long-distance
  • Extensive photocopying
  • Copying computer software programs (except as authorized by licensing agreements)
  • Bringing office supplies home
  • Driving or using a Company vehicle, tools, equipment or other Company assets without authorization
  • Using electronic networks, including the Internet, except as authorized by local policy
  • Using any Arch resources for personal financial gain

You should report any improper use of Company resources to your manager or supervisor, the Ethics Officer for your business or the Arch Help-Line. By limiting Company resources to business purposes, you are helping Arch to control costs.

Information Systems and the Internet
We rely on our information and technology resources to meet operational, financial and communications requirements. These resources include our telephones, fax machines, cell phones, PDAs such as Palm or Blackberry, computers, computer applications and networks and the information stored on them.

Use of our networks and information resources is both a necessity and a privilege. If you have access to our networks, you are responsible for using the highest standards of behavior in all of your usage and communications. If you use Arch's networks from home or other non-Arch locations, you are subject to the same standards of use as are employees who use Arch networks on company premises. Computers and all of the information stored on our computers and networks are Company property and are subject to review at any time.

You may not use Arch's computers or networks for any of the following activities:

  • Accessing Internet email accounts or using external "chat" or "instant messaging" services
  • Conducting independent business activities
  • Soliciting for commercial, charitable, religious or political causes
  • Sending chain mail letters or broadcasting personal messages
  • Uploading or downloading unauthorized software or copyright-protected information, except as authorized by license or applicable laws
  • Sending inappropriate, offensive or disruptive messages
  • Gaining unauthorized access to databases or information sources at Arch or any other site
  • Damaging computer equipment, software or data
  • Interfering with or disrupting network users, services or equipment

Illegal Use
It is against Arch policy to send off-color jokes to others or to spread sexual or other discriminatory gossip through our Company networks. This type of activity may be considered harassment under civil rights and employment laws and may result in severe penalties and even criminal sanctions against our Company and the involved employees.

You must never use company networks to view, upload, download or circulate any of the following materials:

  • Sexually related or pornographic messages or material
  • Violent or hate-related messages or material
  • Bigoted, racist or other offensive messages aimed at a particular group or individual
  • Malicious, libelous or slanderous messages or material
  • Subversive or other messages or material related to illegal activities

Arch reserves the right to periodically monitor, access and disclose the contents of company computer systems and networks and to block access to non-business related Internet sites. Employees who repeatedly or seriously misuse Arch networks are subject to discipline including possible termination of employment.


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