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Community Outreach and Charitable Contributions

Arch Chemicals, Inc. is committed to long-term growth and prosperity for all those connected with us.  In our communities, we strive to be responsible neighbors and to contribute to social and economic prosperity:

  • We practice open dialogue with interested stakeholders and meet regularly with our Community Advisory Panels to exchange information.

  • We invest in our local communities by identifying strategic partnerships and projects, which support and encourage employee involvement in the areas of environment, education, technology, and public safety.

  • In the worldwide community, we identify issues that can benefit from the strengths and expertise of Arch Chemicals in our business areas.  For example, drawing on the water-treatment expertise resident in our HTH Water Products business, we are placing a major emphasis on working with international relief agencies to help provide clean drinking water to those in undeveloped and crisis-stricken regions.  In early 2005, we won a prestigious award from the Committee to Encourage orporate Philanthropy in large part because of this vital, life-saving work. 

Following are the programs that form the basis of Arch Chemicals’ Community Outreach. If you'd like to learn more about Arch's Community outreach efforts, please contact us.

Community Advisory Panels
Purpose: To enhance dialogue with the communities in which we operate; to proactively address issues and concerns of the community; to share information and participate in community activities.  For more information about our Community Advisory Panels, please click here.

Employee Matching Contributions
Purpose: To encourage and support employee contributions and citizenship; to maximize access to employees and to maximize employee participation at all levels of the organization; to maximize community relations and loyalty through employee involvement.

Employee Volunteer Recognition
Purpose: To encourage and support employee volunteerism; to maximize access to employees and to maximize employee participation at all levels of the organization; to maximize community relations and loyalty through employee involvement.

Local Community Contributions
Purpose: To provide support to local initiatives that respond to community needs; to provide each location with decision-making authority on a planned and budgeted basis.

In-Kind Donations
Purpose: To provide charitable donations to communities in need.

Arch Chemicals, Inc. Scholarship Program
Purpose: To encourage and support employee children toward higher education achievements; to recognize employee parents who have guided their children to high accomplishments; to provide name recognition for Arch Chemicals when listed on key contributors for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF)
Arch will sponsor the on-going development and implementation of community based educational outreach in product stewardship and the business of chemistry.   The Community Award for Chemical Safety Program entry requirements will be given to the CAPs to discuss in their meetings for nominees.  Arch is a major sponsor of the You Be The Chemist program including the national You Be The Chemist Challenge (

  • You Be The Chemist (YBTC) is a science education program developed by the Chemical Educational Foundation, which Arch introduced to Arch partner schools throughout the US in 2005. YBTC includes an Activity Guide with lesson plans and hands on experiments for grades 4-8. YBTC includes incentives for teachers to develop lesson plans and for students to demonstrate their knowledge through competition, as well as the annual YBTC Challenge, a local, state, and national competition for 7th and  8th graders to demonstrate their knowledge of physical science.

Science Screen Reports Videos
Arch sponsorship provides video reports of current science topics (   These quality supplemental materials enhance the traditional science curriculum for Arch partner schools, including:

•  Meade County Elementary –  Brandenburg, KY  •  Kalama Elementary – Kalama, WA 
•  McMinn County Elementary – Charleston, TN •  Norwalk Elementary – Norwalk, CT 
•  Walker Valley High School  – Charleston, TN •  Rochester Elementary – Rochester, NY 
•  Cheshire Elementary – Cheshire, CT   

The INROADS program identifies high potential minority college students and provides career development opportunities through training and internship.

National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)
Arch sponsorship will be directed toward this national organization whose focus is providing low-income & minority youth (14-18) with a solid foundation of business skills; math, reading, writing, and critical thinking

In early 2005, Arch Chemicals won a prestigious award from the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy for our innovative community support initiatives and for our vital, life-saving work with the Red Cross, the Water Relief Network (a partnership of the global chlorine industry and the Red Cross and other nonprofit relief agencies) and other agencies to provide clean drinking water to people in undeveloped and crisis-stricken regions.

Arch continues to support strategic programs that fund the development and implementation of safe drinking water in remote and disadvantaged areas, including Bangladesh, Honduras, Haiti and Guatemala. Through the American Red Cross, International Center (International Rural Water Association), and the Centers for Disease Control, Arch has funded proven, low-tech water-treatment systems that local villages and even families can easily maintain, helping to create a sustainable infrastructure. Additionally, Arch is working in Mali with the non-profit organization, Eau Lambda, to provide water treatment systems to villages of 5000 citizens.

In addition, Arch is involved in other international civic and charitable projects and programs:

  • Since 2004 Arch has sponsored the Centers for Disease Control Healthy Swimming Campaign to help with research and communications to prevent waterborne illnesses. This program is contributing worldwide to a better understanding of the transmittal of disease in pools and spas.

  • Arch facilities in South Africa and in Swords, Ireland have developed outreach activities with key non-profit organizations, including Learn to Swim South Africa, the Field Band Foundation, an organization that improves the quality of life of disadvantaged young people and in Ireland the Hole in the Wall Gang (Barretstown), an organization that provides a 10-day camp program of therapeutic recreation for children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses.

Chemical Heritage Foundation
Arch sponsorship will be directed toward this organization whose focus is to serve the community of the chemical and molecular sciences, and the wider public, by treasuring the past, educating the present, and inspiring the future.

American Chemical Society (ACS)
Arch sponsorship will be directed toward chemical educational outreach including the ACS minority scholarship program.

Conservation Fund
Arch provides a sustaining donation to honor the environmental stewardship work of the Conservation Fund.