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ZINC OMADINE® Fine Particle Size (FPS) Fungicide-Algaecide Dispersion (zinc pyrithione)

Zinc OMADINE® products are highly active, broad spectrum antimicrobial agents that are registered around the world for use in both personal care as well as industrial product applications. In the U.S., Zinc OMADINE® products are approved for use by the EPA and allowed by the FDA. Zinc OMADINE® fungicide-algaecide is the zinc complex of pyrithione. Zinc OMADINE® fungicide-algaecide is the active ingredient in some of the leading antidandruff shampoo products around the world, and its proven combination of efficacy and safety-in-use has made it the world's leading anti-dandruff agent for more than 30 years. Zinc OMADINE® fungicide-algaecide is listed in the FDA Final Monograph on Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis as a Category I substance (i.e. generally recognized as safe and effective). Zinc OMADINE® products are available in Industrial and Cosmetic grades, and in powder and in dispersion forms. Two types of dispersion are available: General and Fine Particle Size (FPS).


Product Details

Zinc Pyrithione


Shampoo, conditioner, treatment (hair)                    
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Technical Data Sheet
Zinc Omadine® FPS                           
Chinese Technical Data Sheet
Zinc Omadine® FPS