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Mold Protection Products
         Builders and manufacturers can offer their customers effective resistance to mold, termites, and fungal decay by using FrameGuard® Total™ mold-resistant wood. This wood contains a blend of anti-mold chemicals and preservatives, which keep framing material looking cleaner and brighter during storage and construction. Treated framing is also protected against mold and wood-destroying organisms once enclosed in a suitable structure.

FrameGuard® treatment is applied at an OEM plant, treating plant, lumber mill, distribution yard, or other facility where the quality of coverage can be controlled more precisely than on a jobsite. The solution, sold by Lonza Wood Protection, is a water-based combination of proprietary, EPA-registered components that provide broad-spectrum protection.

    FrameGuard Mold-Resistant Wood
On lumber, plywood, OSB, wood I-beams, trusses, structural insulated panels and other wood products intended for interior use and, when coated appropriately, for exterior trim, FrameGuard Total treatment protects against mold, fungal decay, and termites (even the Formosan termite) which cause deterioration, odor, and complaints.