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Wolmanized EraWood® Lumber

                           Note: The product formerly known as Wolmanized® L³ Outdoor® wood
                                         is now called Wolmanized EraWood® lumber.

In an era when consumers want environmentally sustainable products, natural appearance, low chemical content, low corrosivity, and effective coverage with paint and stain - without giving up performance - Wolmanized EraWood® lumber merits a close look. Wolmanized EraWood® is protected with low-impact preservative providing lasting resistance to termites and fungal decay and is backed by a limited warranty. A proprietary stabilizer minimizes the effects of moisture and helps prevent warping, twisting, and cracking.  Learn more about Wolmanized EraWood® advantages.

Wolmanized EraWood® is the first decking product protected by a nonmetallic, carbon-based solution. The biocides used in the preservative are known to degrade in soil; they are not bioaccumulative. The preservative is listed in the AWPA Book of Standards.

In the bulk of exterior wood uses - everything except in-ground applications - Wolmanized EraWood® stands up to wood-destroying organisms, and satisfies the concerns of demanding consumers. Despite its effective performance, the  preservative formulation has low impact and is listed as a a GreenSpec® environmentally preferable product. It is also backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal and is certified by Home Innovation Research Labs as meeting requirements for termite-resistant materials in the National Green Building Standard™. For more details on these listings, see www.GreenSpec.com, www.GoodHousekeepingSeal.com, and www.HomeInnovation.com/green.

Wolmanized EraWood® is a natural and environmentally responsible choice for decks and backyard projects.  It's made from wood, a renewable resource. Treatment extends the life of the wood, allowing one tree to do the work of many. A life cycle assessment confirms the environmental and other advantages of wood construction.

To top it off, this wood costs less than other alternatives such as redwood, cedar, tropical hardwoods, wood composites or recycled plastics.  It can be painted or stained without discoloration from the preservative, and has no more effect on woodworking tools than untreated wood. 

To download a model specification for Wolmanized EraWood® as a modifiable MS Word (2002) document, click here. A building code evaluation report, ESR-1477 appears here.

For information on building a deck, see the Homeowner section.  For in-ground needs, use Wolmanized® Residential Outdoor® wood that is stamped or tagged for ground contact.