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Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood: Recommended Hardware

Hot-dipped galvanized fasteners (meeting ASTM A 153) and connectors (ASTM A 653 Class G185 sheet), or better, are recommended. For Permanent Wood Foundations and corrosive environments, such as areas with saltwater spray, use 304 or 316 stainless steel. 

Aluminum flashing (3015 or similar alloy) may be used in contact with µCA-C treated wood in interior or exterior, above ground applications that are damp or intermittently wet. When treated wood is subject to immersion or frequent or prolonged wetting, factory coated aluminum or an insulating moisture resistant barrier should be used between the treated wood and the aluminum.

Additional information on the corrosion of fasteners and connectors used with alternative pressure treated wood:

Tech Note (68K PDF)
Update on White Paper (120K PDF)
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